Starting in 1922 with grandfather Aram and today we continue with great-grandson Serkos

Avakian - Our History

In 1922 our grandfather Aram came to Kokinia, from Kesaria of Asia Minor. The art he mastered was the production of pastourma and soujouk, which he continued doing in Greece.

In 1922 he founded the first factory-type workshop in Kokkinia, in a small area, on the roof of his house and meanwhile he opened a store in the old market of Pireaus. This tradition was continued by his son George, who was followed by the 3rd generation, his grandchild Aram Avakian. Currently the 4th generation has joined, with Serko Avakian.

In 1967 with the demolition of the old market, we moved to Stoa Politou , 21-23 Gounari Street in a privately owned store, in which you can find besides the pastourma and soujouk, a selection of fine cheeses and sausages both from Greek and foreign producers.

In 1980 the factory in Acharnes started operating, in a modern facility with European standards, which follows the HACCP system and has obtained establishment approval number from the European Union, IMP 260. Besides the pastourma and the soujouk, we have enriched the range of our traditional products with veal and pork Kavourma , veal and traditional pork sausages, pastourma pies , soujouk pies, lechmajoun and kebab. All our products are made with the traditional maturation method (air- dried).

Our success is based on the excellent raw materials and the method of production we use, in addition to the kindness and respect we show towards our consumers, who choose and trust us all these years.